The Elettronic printing.

Silk screen printing is a permeographic printing technique that today uses as a matrix a polyester fabric stretched on a wood or metal frame defined as a screen printing or silk screen frame.

It is a high quality printing technique, characterized by a long process of preparation. Screen printing is the only printing system that allows you to print on any material.

The passage or permeation of ink from the top of the serigraphic frame to the print surface below, through the screen printing fabric is effected by a slight pressure passage of a bar with an elastomeric polyurethane board which is supported on the ink and presses the latter through the printing fabric through a sliding motion.

This bar is defined as squeegee or squeegee for screen printing.
The ability to print on rigid supports and to cut PVC, makes this type of machine irreplaceable now.

The most common use is to print large or large-format prints in single-copy or in very small prints.
Appropriate machines can then print on rigid materials to allow for outdoor cartridges with special inks long-lasting.