Silk-Screen Printing

Silk-Screen printed control masks, on Polyester media support.

Project Description

Control mask for sports electronic device; control panel for industrial refrigeration equipment; control mask for cutting machine.
Thermoformed buttons.
Display UV.
Double-sided adhesive tape.
Precise final die-cut.

Project Details

Data: 2014-2015
Customer: Various
Materials: Polyester media support


  • Silk-Screen Printing
  • Polyester
  • Display UV
  • Precise die-cut

SILK-SCREEN PRINTING is a permeographic printing technique that uses, as a matrix, a fabric stretched on a frame of wood or metal defined as a screen printing frame. The fabric used is called silk-screen fabric.

The printing process can be done manually or by machines, that can achieve high production speeds.

Fields of application are the most varied: textile, industrial and, not least, electronic, using for conductive inks.

Art Plast S.r.l has two semiautomatic serigraphic machines and a manual printing device for small series and large prints. The production of print frames is handled internally by photo-imaging equipment.

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