Printing on Metal Sheets

Silk-Screen Printing front control pamel of professionl coffee machine.

Project Descriptiono

Print on painted metal sheet (frontal part) of industrial coffee machine.
Monochromatic printing.

Project Details

Data: 2015


  • Printing on Metal Sheet
  • Silk-Screen Printing
  • Pad Printing
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Silk-Screen printing on metal supports requires specific equipment and know how to choose from different surface types to handle the right print inks.

The silk-screen process does not end with the simple printing operation but requires subsequent drying in the oven and drying stops in order to allow the inks to adhere optimally to the surface on which they are deposited.

Art Plast S.r.l. has semiautomatic and manual screen printing machines with planks for positioning the workpiece; door frame devices, adjustable print heads in terms of travel, tilt, working pressure.
For drying, a high performance tunnel oven is available.

A small internal toolkit area allows to study and create masks and fasteners of various details quickly and at a low cost.

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