Resinated Labels

Silk-Screen Printing resinated labels.

Project Description

Etichetta resinata pre-spaziata per apparecchiature di refrigerazione industriali.
Serigrafia a tre colori su supporto in PVC.
Fustellatura a mezzo taglio a misura.
Resinatura finale.

Project Details

Data: 2015
Customer: ALI Divisione FRIULINOX
Materials: PVC


  • Silk-Screen Printing
  • Potting with Resin

In order to give a three-dimensional effect to the labels printed by traditional offset printing or silk-screen printing technique, the surface can be treated with a special high-transparency transparent polyurethane resin that can increase the color brilliance and generally give a definite more aesthetics eye-catching to the label .

The transparent resin also creates a lense effect, providing greater ease of readability and excellent visibility, even at high distances; for these characteristics, resin labels are also sometimes defined "lenticular labels".

Art Plast S.r.l. has both traditional silk-screen printing machines and digital printers able to meet any customers need.

For resin deposition, we employ external partners with proven experience and with suitable machineries and work environments, able to guarantee a resin of high quality, thickness and brilliance.

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