Pad Printing

Monochromatic pad printing on plastic items.

Project Description

One-color pad printing on caps for application of industrial floor cleaning machines.

Project Details

Data: 2015
Customer: MAXIMA
Materials: Plastic molding material


  • Pad Printing

PAD PRINTING is a printing process that allows embossing on any type of objects and material graphics, logos, decorations and writing even on concave, convex or irregular shapes.

This printing technique allows you to send images with any kind of gradient, three-dimensional and two-dimensional effects. Precision and details of the realization is centesimal.

Thanks to a concentrated use of ink, tampons and matrices, the pad-printing process is very competitive in economic terms, especially in large quantities; at the same time, however, the flexibility of the process, in terms of application, makes it useful and effective in meeting the needs of customizing items of the most varied materials.

Art Plast S.rl. it has two pad-printing machines capable of delivering up to 4 colors.

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