Digital Printing

Stickers for industrial machine.

Project Description

Digital Printing of stickers/symbols for Industrial Equipment.
Digital printing on yellow PVC support.
Final cut by plotter.

Project Details

Data: 2015
Customer: Various
Materials: Adhesive PVC


  • Digital Printing
  • Adhesive PVC

DIGITAL PRINTING exploits technology that by of electronic procedures, sends digital files to the printing machine without the use of plates or matrices.

The process is straightforward: the customer provides the file to be printed; the operators analyze and control the file by normalizing its contents, depending on the printing machine. Once the file is finalized, the machine is print directly on the media.

Digital printing is particularly suitable for medium/low batchs and can be applied to different types of media support (forex, laminate, aluminum, cardboard, plexiglass, glass and many more).

Among benefits to be counted: high quality and high definition; higher execution speed, compared to offset printing; tools cost also reduced for small prototypes. For UV digital printing, in particular, the color drying time is immediate and the color rendering is perfect, with a high brilliance.

Art Plast S.r.l it has a UV printer with embedded cutting plotter to meet any need; is being evaluated a solvent-based digital printer, in affiliation to the current machine.

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